The Plan

Having explored the possibility of bringing a Dome to Cochrane with the Town of Cochrane Administration over the past 18 months we have now partnered with Canopy Lands who have a redevelopment plan that includes an 18-acre parcel of land zoned for recreational use. The Canopy Lands development team approached Cochrane Wolves FC after the presentation to Town Council delivered by Scott Ansell in May 2023. On October 24, 2023 Cochrane Wolves will support Canopy Lands presentation to Town Council. If approved, both parties will work with Town Administration and Council on plans for the site.


The MR is in phase 1 of development, and therefore would be serviced in 2024 with construction beginning in 2025.


The Dome project takes approximately 11 months from breaking ground to complete and ready for use.

See Project Conceptual Outline, as provided by Field Turf who have installed the two Turf fields in Cochrane at Bow Valley High-School and Cochrane High-School.