The Purpose

With the continued growth of the Town, its sports and recreational programs, and schools, the current indoor facilities available in Cochrane have reached their capacity with no plans or space to expand. There is no recreational plan in place to bring additional indoor facilities or space to the Town and currently plans being explored are to potentially partner with Airdrie and introduce a dome outside of Cochrane.

We believe our Town deserves excellent facilities and with our growth and development as an organization we believe we can help to provide a sustainable long-term solution that can support the ever expanding needs of the community. Cochrane Wolves now hosts over 500 kids in the Indoor Season and is just entering its second year under new strategic direction and operational leadership. These changes have seen the program double in 2 years, and continued growth is not expected to slow down as the quality of program continues to improve and the retention of children increases at every age and level of play.

With Cochrane Wolves striving to meet the Canada Soccer National Youth Club License which less than 1% of Canadian soccer clubs attain, we are committed to providing access to every stream and stage of soccer that can be offered for youth players. We believe it is important that every child in Cochrane has access to quality programming, whether that is grassroots, development, competitive or high-performance, and we should be offering that locally. In order to maintain the Licensing the club will need to develop facilities in Town or we will be forced to program in Calgary.

Not only can a domed facility be a beautiful home for soccer, it can also be used for baseball, softball, cricket, flag-football, tournaments, leagues, and other events. Opportunities are endless and for a growing town it is vitally important we act now so the great work and development throughout the town can continue to thrive.

With indoor (soccer) buildings, and domes in Okotoks, Airdrie, and Red-Deer and the trajectory of the town we are excited to develop a facility in Cochrane we can all be proud of.